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Chicago native Meghan Fisher always knew that she wanted to make her own path and be her own boss.  After graduating with a degree in business administration, Meghan interned and explored different roles in the workplace to find the best fit.


With a strong business acumen and marketing savvy, Meghan rose quickly to leadership in the corporate world.  However, her childhood dream of starting her own business persisted.  But, the right opportunity had not yet to come along.  


In 2019 Meghan was asked by a family member to relocate to North Georgia to help scale their struggling organic farm.  As CEO, she implemented an innovative sales program that doubled profits within the first three months, leading the farm to profitability and viability. 


Seeking her next business venture, in the fall of 2020, Meghan discovered Family First Life.  With $200 to her name, she worked the business full-time.  While being mentored and trained by top agents, her business grew exponentially.  And, within a year, Meghan's commissions exceeded a quarter of a million dollars. 


It was at that point that she decided that it was time to take this opportunity to as many people as possible by starting her own agency. 


It is Meghan's desire is to train and coach agents in building their own business with Family First Life.  Her goal is to empower others in making their own path so that they, too, may enjoy the satisfaction of being your own boss. 

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